My Instagram Journey

I’m here Instagram! – Week 1

On Monday, April 27, 2020 I started reading Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuk and he inspired me to start an Instagram account! Before the book, I had a plan.

My plan was:

1-Take a photography class in September

2-Buy a cool camera

3-Contact people on LinkedIn with no profile picture and ask if I can take their picture

4-Take their LinkedIn picture for $100

Now with Coronavirus, my plan has been messed up and I decided to postpone it until 2021 or 2022.

In Crushing It!, Gary said just start and so here I am starting. I took a bunch of pictures of my beloved cats with my cellphone until they were annoyed with me. I scrutinized each picture then I asked my sister for her opinion on them. I picked 4 pictures out of 50 and 1 that I took two weeks ago.

I took those 4 pictures and moved them onto the Canva app. I added my Instagram name onto each picture. I sent the pictures to my sister and asked her to write a caption. She did it! I added a bunch of hashtags that I felt applied. Then I posted my first picture on Instagram in my new account @CatLadyGlamazon

I am scared that people will think that I take trashy pictures.

I am scared that real photographers will make fun of me because I don’t know anything.

Despite all my fears, I’m here Instagram!

This is week 1 and I will become a better photographer!

My Instagram is @CatLadyGlamazon


Tips for video meetings

Coronavirus is out here and a lot of people are working from home and to adjust to our new reality, some companies are now having video meetings. Here are my tips to a successful video meeting.

  • Sign in early and check your background. Keep the items behind you simple and not busy.
  • Put your laptop on a stand or bunch of books to increase the height of your laptop so that you are eye level instead of looking down at the laptop. Trust me no one looks cute that way.
  • Pick your shirt with care. Light colors are better especially when you are dark-skinned.
  • Wear pants. You might forget, stand up and be embarrassed. Don’t be that guy.
  • If you wear eyeglasses, they can see the reflection of your cell phone in the lens of your eyeglasses. Lower the brightness of your cellphone and don’t look at inappropriate sites at that time.
  • Have good lighting. Overhead lighting is a must. If you are near a window, keep the window infront of you, not behind you since you will be dark if it’s behind you.
  • Pick a quiet low traffic area where your family will not be walking and talking around in the background.,
  • Mute your microphone when you are not talking. Then remember to turn on your microphone when you are talking.

Rossy's Corner

A look back at 2019

As 2019 comes to a close I am taking a look back at the year: the good, the bad and the wonderful.

Dave Ramsey and the Baby Steps – I completed Financial Peace University and I am currently working hard on getting rid of all my debt, target end date is in three years!

Organizer to the rescue – My sister and I hired a professional organizer and she organized our closet making it so much more functional and pretty! I can’t wait to hire her for more rooms!

Tuxedo Mask – A gorgeous male cat limped up the stairs of my house and I got him the medical help he needed. Later we got him adopted out to a loving home.

To date or not to date – I was seeing someone for a while and it was nice but not a perfect fit. I have faith that my perfect fit is out there and when we have both grown as individuals then the universe will let us meet.

Budgeting Rose – I started a vlog on YouTube about my monthly budget and I will continue to expand on it.

Panel – I participated in a panel! Something I have always wanted to do and it was even more amazing then I expected.

Tai Chi – I tried Tai Chi for the first time and I’m going to go again because I need a stress reliever in my life.

Part-time job – I started a part-time job in addition to my full time job and I survived!

Church – I found a church I really like and I have been going regularly and religion is now a big part of my life.

Sister – My mom went to Virginia and reconnected with my sister and now my other sister and I will visit her in Virginia annually!

Corn Maze – I went to my first corn maze with my church group. It was fun and I ended up with really tired legs.

Cooking – My sister and I started cooking (mostly she cooks).

Dinner with friends – I had my first dinner with friends and I really enjoyed myself.

Newark IFF – Our short film The Gift was screened at Newark International Film Festival and the best part was that our mom finally got to see our film and I loved that she watched it.

I am happy with my 2019 experience and I look forward to the adventures I will have in 2020!

Happy New Year!!!!

Rossy's Corner

I thought we had a date

I recently started flirting with a cute security guard at my work parking lot. He eventually asked to be Facebook friends then for my phone number and of course I agreed.

When he asked how could he see me outside of the parking lot setting, I told him to figure it out and then let me know. Eventually, he came back with we could go to his place and play the game Trouble. I asked him to do better but then he said he couldn’t so I countered with getting a coffee at Dunkin Donuts. He doesn’t drink coffee and neither do I so I said I would have a hot chocolate and he can get a water and donut. He told me we should do it today after he finished work. I said ok and then he said he needed to check out two apartments since he needs to move before the end of the month. I told him to give me a call when he was done to let me know when he is ready to meet at Dunkin Donuts. He agreed. I went home, fed my fur babies, prepped onions, tomatoes and other vegetables so my sister could cook and waited for his call.

So the call never came nor did a text to say sorry I can’t meet today and propose a different day. I was done. He showed me who he was (a man who cannot keep his word to me) and I believed him the first time.

I did talk to him a few days later and I did not bring it up …… nor did he. My male bestie believes that the guy might have thought I was joking or he was joking with me or he was clueless or ….or….. I told bestie that those explanations were not necessary since I watched the guy’s actions or lack of action and I believed his actions.

I downgraded him from “potential” and back to “dude I say hello to”.

And that’s what happened …….. or didn’t happened ………

Book Review

Book Review: Those Girls

Those Girls written by Chevy Stevens

What would you do to save your sister? The only answer is anything. In this case, the three Campbell sisters (Dani, Courtney and Jess) are physically and verbally abused by their alcoholic father – calling them names, beating them, leaving them with black eyes, cigarette burns, etc. One day their father goes to kill one of the sisters and another sister has to kill their father in order to save that sister. Then in order to save the sister who killed their father and not be separated again through foster care, all three sisters bury their father, clean up and go on the run together. Their mother died years ago in a car accident.

As the sisters are on the run, their truck ends up breaking down in a town called Cash Creek. The story is set in Canada. The sisters accept help from two brothers (Brian and Gavin Luxton) who end up kidnapping, torturing and raping the three sisters for five days until the three are able to escape. They get help from Allen and his son Owen who help them get out of town and to Vancouver, Canada. In Vancouver they are helped by Patrick (Allen’s friend) and his wife Karen. They set up a new life for themselves with new identities (they are now Dallas, Crystal and Jamie Caldwell). One of the sisters has a baby (Skylar), a product of the rape. The first part of the book is narrated by Jamie and the second part by Skylar (when she is 17 years old).

I skipped over the rape and torture, I just couldn’t, it was too much. I cried a lot throughout this book and I really identified with the oldest sister because when she was unable to protect her younger sisters, I know that she felt like she failed in her job as the oldest. At the end of the book, we hear the story told from the oldest sister’s point of view and she voices that feeling of failure and regret, and I just got it.

The themes I saw:

Sisterhood – The bond of sisters is amazing, you share the same experience growing up, the same trauma from your parents and so your sisters are the only people in the world that understand why you are as messed up as you are.

Love – Killing their dad in order to protect the sister dad was killing, that was love. Covering up dad’s murder so the sister who did it doesn’t go to jail, that was love. Keeping the rapist’s baby and never punishing the baby for it, that was love.

I would recommend this book but be warned that there is rape, torture, violence against women but if you can get passed all that you will find a story about sisterhood, surviving and making the best of your situation.