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My first POF date – The Chef

I joined the world of Plenty of Fish (POF), an online dating site, after hearing decent outcomes from a friend. I went on a date within a few days with a chef. We ate at Smashburger. He looked like his pictures and throughout the time I was unsure about if he was into me. Chef did end up sending his food back for being too salty. After we finished eating Chef had us walk around the back at an office building near Smashburger. He held my hand immediately, we walked around  and kissed several times. All in all, I had a nice time!

He asked me out on a second date for the next day but he canceled later on because he was tired. We talked for a few more days and the second date idea he pitched was meeting at a local motel and giving me a full body massage. I declined and started suggesting date ideas that did not involve intimate settings but he kept bringing it back to a motel. Since we were clearly looking for different things; I ended up blocking him and moving on.

I will not do things that I do not want to do in order to please a man I am interested in. This experience did not leave a bad taste in my mouth and I am looking forward to my next date with someone new.

Happy dating everyone!

Movie Reviews

Secret (2007) directed by Jay Chou: Movie Review

This is a Taiwanese movie in MANDARIN CHINESE with ENGLISH SUBTITLES. You will have to read the subtitles the whole movie if you don’t speak Mandarin.

I’m usually never in the mood for subtitles no matter how good the movie looks but full disclosure I’m attempting to learn Mandarin so I was fine with the subtitles this go around. It’s actually a really beautiful movie with great music and subtle, modest romance.

I don’t remember anyone’s name and I’m not looking their names up because it really doesn’t matter to the story.  I am writing about this **WITH SPOILERS*** so if you are one of the many “SHHHH no spoilers!!! why oh why God?! You ruined my life by discussing a movie in its entirety” people….then this is not for you.

So there is this guy (let’s call him main character boy) and he is starting as a new student in a music high school. This girl (let’s call her supporting character girl) is showing him around the school. He ditches her to go explore the music building and hears wonderful music playing. When he goes to the piano room he sees another girl (let’s call her main character girl) on a ladder far away from the piano. For whatever reason, she doesn’t own up to being the talented musician who was just playing the amazing music he just heard  (she was probably socialized to be humble at all costs…eye roll… because unfortunately this nonsense is pervasive in a lot of different cultures… and she’s also just shy…ugh…girls…. we have so far to go).

Main character boy and girl form a romantic friendship that includes bicycle rides home, trips to the record store, stolen glances in the classroom, and eventually the cutest kiss on a rooftop. I liked that the camera angle was from behind the two as they were seated for their kiss. It’s as if the audience should respect that this is a private moment between the 2 of them, which makes it that much more powerful. Aww to be young and in love… (distant stare into the unknown….. oh romance you are a powerful drug…. just when I think I have you outta my system, you snake your way back into my life vicariously through romantic movies, damn you romance…. fist shake…. damn you!).

There is a miscommunication that ends up in main character boy kissing supporting character girl instead of his main squeeze main character girl! So what does main character girl do? SHE GHOSTS THE HELL OUT OF HIM LIKE A BOSS!!!!! She straight up disappears which is concerning because she is in high school and education first, ladies! But as a response to a man’s foolishness, I was completely here for it! I would’ve been out too.

Main character boy: It was just a…


A lot more happens and the movie pivots to science fiction/fantasy but that’s all I feel like writing about. Awesome movie, thumbs up.


Rossy's Corner


I went to a make-up store at the mall recently and the make-up woman was actually helpful! I wanted one thing to put on my face. I wanted a liquid foundation because I read somewhere that powder sets in the lines and makes any lines that much more pronounced. So of course the liquid foundation did not go as dark as I needed it but thankfully the powder one was dark enough for my skin.
I went to a different store and got the foundation brush and a hydrating primer. Yes I ended up with two products but I think that I’ll be able to manage it – I already put moisturizer on my face so now I’ll just switch to the primer instead.
Here’s to an even complexion!

Film Life

Best Movie Soundtracks

A Lot Like Love

Love when a movie has pop music in it that fits and somehow doesn’t overpower the acting. It’s one of those creative decisions Hollywood gets to make but if an indie filmmaker did it they would be called amateur.

Noah’s Arc Jumping the Broom

I used to scavenge like a fiend for all the songs on YouTube because I was too cheap to buy it. An ex boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday and it is still to this day, one of the best birthday gifts I ever received. The boyfriend is gone, but the music is, as Cardi B says “forevvvvaaaaaa”.

Mamma Mia

Growing up with my mom’s love of ABBA, this was a delight to watch, listen to, and sing along with.

Lemonade Mouth

“Reach for my hand cuz it’s held out for you,

My shoulders are small but you can cry on them too.

Everything changes but one thing is true, understand,

We’ll always be more than a band”

For the rest of the song they sing “my shoulders are strong” instead of “my shoulders are small”.

“More Than a Band” I love this song. So sweet, innocent, and encouraging. The whole movie has great songs but this one is the best, according to me 🙂

Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan

To be fair…this is actually an audiobook I listened to, not a movie. Music is integral to the storytelling and I don’t know how one could just read this book, you must absolutely listen to it. It follows a harmonica that affects several different, and I mean DIFFERENT characters around the world. Fredrich is in Germany and his tendency to stand up and conduct the imaginary orchestra that he hears in his head catches the eyes of the Nazis. Mike and his brother are orphans trying to stay together in Pennsylvania. Ivy is a young Latina in California whose brother is off at war. Then there is Otto who meets 3 sisters forced to work for a witch in the forest. Amazing story…the music is beautiful.

Film Life

Cats in Movies and TV

In honor of our cats’ birthdays let’s check out some cool movie and TV cats.

Downton Abbey


One of the best moments of Downton Abbey is when this cat bites down and escapes with the chicken. This was the scene that made me call my sister and tell her to start watching Downton. Still one of my favorite moments of Downton!

A Girl Walks at Midnight

This cat was totally with it the whole movie, multiple people held him/her and there was a car scene too. So lovable.



Stinky made Doug’s life miserable while he took care of her for Roger. I think she and Pork Chop could have been friends but she had this whole villian persona going on.



Diabolical. Sarcastic and a bit lazy. Salem gets it.

Bob’s Burgers


Mr. Business.  I haven’t seen enough of Gayle’s cats to decide if Mr. Business is my favorite or not but I did enjoy the cat dragon episode.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Originally the gang wanted a dog…Dennis saw the potential in this alley cat instead. Enough said.



For some reason they didn’t name this awesome black cat. He’s intelligent,  tenacious,  brave, and entertaining.

Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Matters of the Heart (MOTH)


Written and directed by Nancy Vazquez               

Tasha Cleaver (played by Alana Johnson) is a college student majoring in Psychology. One of Tasha’s professors gives Tasha and her classmates a case study to get acquainted with. Tasha’s case study is a woman named Linda Blake (played by Nancy Vazquez) who is in a psychiatric hospital for murdering several people whom she says hurt her.

The story touches on themes of sexual abuse, revenge, second chances and faith.

The locations and B roll for the film were all in New Jersey, which was cool! The film had six female producers (Khairah L. Walker, Melissa Grant, Khairaah Davis, Nancy Vazquez, Lakeesha Williams, Michele Frantzeskos)!