My Instagram Journey

I’m here Instagram! – Week 1

On Monday, April 27, 2020 I started reading Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuk and he inspired me to start an Instagram account! Before the book, I had a plan.

My plan was:

1-Take a photography class in September

2-Buy a cool camera

3-Contact people on LinkedIn with no profile picture and ask if I can take their picture

4-Take their LinkedIn picture for $100

Now with Coronavirus, my plan has been messed up and I decided to postpone it until 2021 or 2022.

In Crushing It!, Gary said just start and so here I am starting. I took a bunch of pictures of my beloved cats with my cellphone until they were annoyed with me. I scrutinized each picture then I asked my sister for her opinion on them. I picked 4 pictures out of 50 and 1 that I took two weeks ago.

I took those 4 pictures and moved them onto the Canva app. I added my Instagram name onto each picture. I sent the pictures to my sister and asked her to write a caption. She did it! I added a bunch of hashtags that I felt applied. Then I posted my first picture on Instagram in my new account @CatLadyGlamazon

I am scared that people will think that I take trashy pictures.

I am scared that real photographers will make fun of me because I don’t know anything.

Despite all my fears, I’m here Instagram!

This is week 1 and I will become a better photographer!

My Instagram is @CatLadyGlamazon