My Instagram Journey

I’m here Instagram! – Week 2

This is week 2 of my Instagram account @CatLadyGlamazon

I watch Gary Vaynerchuk’s Facebook Live at Tea With GaryVee, Gary’s advice is to post every day and engage every day! Okay Gary I hear you and have now made the following plan:

The plan is simple:

I like 10 pictures in 10 separate accounts that have cats, every day.

Then I comment on 10 pictures of 10 separate accounts that have cats, every day.

After that I then post 1 picture a day, at 9amish, every day.

I follow smaller accounts of cats and when someone follows me I follow back.

I take at least 20 pictures a day of my cats, I pick the best ones and send them to my sister via Whatsapp where she writes the caption.

I move the picture from Whatsapp to Canva where I put it into Instagram ready mode and add my @CatLadyGlamazon into the picture.

I move the picture to my Samsung Cloud storage space in the “Canva” folder.

When I am ready to post I pick the picture from Canva and post it to Instagram.

I then copy and paste my hashtags from my saved document on Google drive.

And POOF I press post and it posts!

I have found myself now being super critical at every picture I would take; of every 20 pictures I take I feel that only 1 or none are good enough to post. And that’s when the fear sets in – what will people think of this picture? My house is messy in the background; I can’t use that picture. This fear has gotten so bad that I almost stopped posting until I heard Gary say post the pic. Then my sister told me that I am being over critical and my pictures are good. So yes I am working on listening to what Gary and my sister both said, my cats are beautiful and yes most times I have a lot of stuff everywhere but I’m here working on my craft.

I have found that I understand light a little better by taking pictures of my cats by the window and now I know that one side of the cat will be in shadows or too light or beams of light show up in the picture. It has been an interesting week!

I will continue working my plan and pushing my fears away as I continue on my Instagram journey!

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