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What I learned from the hole in the crotch area of my pants

This morning I arrived at work and as I was getting out of the car I just happened to glance at my reflection in the car window and realized that there was a hole in my pants. To be more specific there was a hole in the crotch area of my pants and I was seconds from walking into work. There was no time to drive back home and change. I also did not have extra pants in the car. Note to self, put extra pants in the car for this type of emergency.

I had a decision to make which was to go home and change or go work as is. I decided to go into the building and start my work day. I did end up spending most of the day either in my office or strategically walking while holding something. I text my sister and also a friend letting them know that I had a crotch area hole but God is good and let me discover it before walking into the building and so I am blessed!

In the past something like this would have caused me to be embarrassed for weeks and then to obsessively replay over and over all the people I met who might have noticed the hole. But I find myself not reacting in that way since I started my journey of having a deeper relationship with God.

I did order several new pants online while on my lunch break and I made a note in my planner to take my three sets of pants to a seamstress for repairs. Yes you heard me correctly this current pair of pants joined a group of two other pairs of pants that have crotch area holes. No I’m not doing anything weird to get said holes. I believe that the stitching in that area is not done well and therefore sometimes loosens but that is a conspiracy theory for another time.

The lesson I feel I was meant to learn here is that life will throw me a curveball of a hole in the crotch area type of situation but I can choose to react to it differently and maybe just maybe I will also end up with a hole in the crotch area story to share with my friends.

Rossy's Corner

The American medical system continues to fail me and doctors are the worst!

The American medical system has failed me for years.

I was 40 years old when my new gynecologist told me I had a lot of fibroids. But since I did not want children we would watch and see if they increased in size and then make needed changes. I always had very painful periods and when I told my old gynecologists I was told to lose weight and to use birth control to eliminate my period hence no pain. No further investigation as to why I had the pain. So I stayed on birth control for 20 years and lived. I only recently stopped using birth control because a scientist who happens to be a family friend had the hypothesis that my other condition (hidradenitis suppurativa) is being affected by the hormones from the birth control, only time will tell.

I have had the condition called hidradenitis suppurativa (huge boils form then burst with gross smelling pus and blood over and over in those same places (usually underarms, butt, groin, back, etc). I have gone to doctors for years trying to get help but nothing helpful. Primary care doctors recommend going to the dermatologist (deals with skin). The dermatologist always follows the recommended protocol which is doxycycline (antibiotic) for years, lose weight and don’t smoke. God forbid I ask for pain medication then the dance begins of the dermatologist doesn’t do pain meds ask the primary doctor. The primary doctor says the dermatologist should prescribe for the condition. And so for years, I  endured the pain from a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful but I existed for years between 16 to 20. But telling that to doctors they don’t believe that a person can function at that pain level. What they don’t understand is that the human body is extraordinarily and will make the needed adjustments to make that high pain level the new normal and life continues from there. I am not seeking pain meds for anything other than to decrease the pain I have from the huge wounds I have all over my body!

Doctors are the worst they believe they know everything because they have an MD behind their names but I have lived and endured my condition for over 20 years. 20 years is how long I have studied my condition but apparently that does not matter. My goal is to completely heal and I will start saving money because I am going to hire doctors, nurses and others (outside the USA) and their one job will be to study my condition and come up with the cure. I will watch them like a hawk and all theories come through me and once I have the cure I’m going to provide it to others with my condition for a reasonable price and not in the USA since I refuse to go through the bullcrap!

In 2022 my wounds increased so much that I could no longer function independently. My mom connected me with the nurse who took care of my paternal grandfather and I have been under his care ever since. It started with strong antibiotic injections, pain pills, cleaning the wounds, etc. Then I realized that my pain level decreased to between  3 to 6 on the pain scale.  I never remembered a time where my pain was so low! I was in heaven! My medications are mailed to me or someone transports them to me and I am slowly healing.

I am Rossy and I will be the cured and I will help the rest of us suffering in silence. And yes doctors you are all the worst!

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