Nay Sayers to Our Filmmaking Dreams

Actual Nay Sayers Quotes from life….. The people who think me and my filmmaking dreams are total BS.   

At Work

  • “Seems like so much work for something so little”… my dreams are bigger than you could ever imagine

On the Internet

  • “ I don’t get out of bed for ( insert the maximum amount of money I am able to pay at the moment)….. if I could pay more I would so I could get someone with less attitude than you
  • “But do you have a following though?”… questioned a DP when I explained that I wanted to film a director’s cut for my own project

On Set

  • “This is not how it’s done in the industry”……. Have you heard what the hell is going on in the industry?!!! I don’t want to be anything like them!

People always have all the reasons we should have done it differently or not at all. Screw ‘em. We have goals and dreams and we are going to make it big someday. Take that to the bank.