Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Friend Request (2016)

Directed by Simon Verboeven

At first glance this is the usual story about a popular college girl named Laura (played by Alycia Debriam-Carey) who accepts a Facebook friend request from a loner named Marina (played by Liesl Ahlers).

Marina is so happy to finally have a Facebook friend and then Laura talks to her in real life. Unfortunately, Marina feels that Laura is her real friend and really focuses on Laura. Laura gets uncomfortable and ends up unfriending Marina on Facebook. Marina tries to apologize and get Laura’s friendship back but it doesn’t work.

Fast forward, a supernatural occurrence and people start dying but not just any people but Laura’s close friends. Can Laura figure out how to save her friends and herself before it’s too late?

I love Facebook but after watching this movie I’m a bit more reluctant to accept friend requests because it might lead to death.

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