Movie Reviews

Movie Review: The New Legends of Monkey (2018)

Directed by Gerard Johnstone
Tripitaka played by Luciane Buchanan
Sandy played by Emilie Cocquerel. Monkey King played by Chai Hansen. Pigsy played by Josh Thomson
There is a legend that 500 years ago the Monkey King (a god) was captured, turned to stone and now demons rule the earth. A small group called the resistance, has one mission which is to free the Monkey King and with his help get rid of the demons.
Of course there is a chosen one – trained by the resistance as a warrior monk; his name is Tripitaka. Something dreadful happens and a young girl is given the responsibility to survive and never let hope disappear. The young girl steps up and becomes the new Tripitaka. Can Tripitaka free the Monkey King and save the world?
I binge watched the entire first season of the show and I loved it!

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